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And Wendel as well...

Wendel Richardson has formally joined the team this year. As the Education Manager for Wairarapa REAP, Wendel has been involved in the background up until now, but she will replace Peter McNeur as the Project Manager from the beginning of the year. Peter will still have a background involvement as he refuses to move too far away from this wonderful work.

Classes Underway!

Martha has organised 3 classes for Term One and they are all underway. Two are at Ko Te Aroha and one at Lakeview. These are the only places where we can offer Windows 7 training.
Lisa is again our wonder tutor and we are all looking forward to seeing the progress of the students.
We are delighted to include some of our Kaumatua this term, who are grandparents to students from our key groups.

3 Classes

We have 3 classes going at this moment Monday evenings, Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings.
There are 7 per class which is being held at Ko Te Aroha which only holds 8 computers. I am hoping to start up our Stepping up programme has soon as I get back from holiday in a couple of weeks.

First class for 2012

Okay its that time again starting our first class this Friday 17th so Lisa and I are looking forward to some new challenges. We have a group of Kaumatua mixed in with some of our other parents, and at this moment we will be doing a day and night class.