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TERM 3 - We are underway with 2 classes of CIH - Ko Te Aroha - 5 , DPS - 8  and we also have a Stepping Up class going on a Friday morning.

This Terms graduation will be held at the National Launching of Adult Learners Week at the Mens Shed, Colombo Road Masterton.

ICDL(Jobseeker Kiwi skills) have started with 4 of us at this moment first time around as for myself i really enjoy doing this program because you can also do it at home or wherever you are and our Tutor for this program is Darren Poona.

Stepping Up program has been introduced to the Masterton Library which will be up and running in August and the criteria for this course will be they need to sign up at REAP first.

Up and coming schools on our list are St Teresa's(Fstn), Kuranui College, Opaki & Fernridge School
so looking forward for more new people.