2016 nearly coming to a end. For Computers in Homes in the Wairarapa we have had a pretty topsy turvy sort of registrations in the last 4 terms numbers fluctuate but we still prod along.

TERM 1 - We graduated 11 people  TERM 2 - 32 people  TERM 3 - 8 people  TERM 4 - 7 people.

The 7 people in Term 4 will be graduating on 6th Dec held at Reap House. I look at it, it's all about working around the parents so they can attend the course even if it means i have to pick them up and take them home i don't mind thats all part an parcel of what we do .
Out of the 7 - 5 people have signed up for the internet 4 on UFB and 1 for NB also i have 1 who has come in from the Term 3 group to sign up on internet also .

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. Be safe wherever you go and whatever you do.

This beautiful lady Sonia reckons she was on to it with all the plug in connections it was part of what they had to do so when they uplift there computer to take home they know how to put it together.
 The lady …
Term 2 has ended with a round of different natured people who i must say enjoyed doing the Computers in Homes program and looking forward to do whatever else they are able to do. We graduated 32 people all up in this term. Mauriceville School - 10 , Ko Te Aroha (morning) - 9, Afternoon - 6 , Evening - 7 all these graduates are from all different schools that are under our program. Out of the 32 we have 8 that signed up for internet 2 of them are on UFB.

Term 3 is underway with a class of 8 at Ko Te Aroha hopefully we can graduate them the last week of school for this term.

The lovely lady in red is our lovely Mayoress of Masterton Lyn Patterson who did all our presentations to our graduates.

TERM 1 -  Hari Tau Hou tangata katoa (Happy New Year Everyone ).

Its 2016 first NCCG coming up for the start of the year, Okay for the Wairarapa Area we have 2 classes up and running at this moment Morning & Afternoon and on the same day also we are looking possibly at this moment for doing a Evening class some people are unable to attend during the day due to other commitments.
The classes are being held at our Hub Place (Ko Te Aroha) at this moment.
Morning Class - 8
Afternoon        - 7
Stepping Up - trying to rally up all the ones that have not done this program i have had a few approach me which is good.
Graduation will be held 11th April for Term 1 graduates so at this moment we are slowly but surely getting there.
Kia ora everyone, Term 4 at this moment we have no classes up and running, the schools are quite busy this time of the year and also i have been in visiting the schools we are attached to for Computers In Homes and trying a different approach to see how we can attract people to do the course.

Stepping Up also has been having its ups and downs but we still have the program running at our town library every Tuesday night from 6 - 8pm.

Internet, this has been lot of concerns and issues wether its the setup/Harddrives /faults and waiting procedure.

Here is hoping 2016 will be a good year for us all.

Just looking back on our Graduation Photo's i found this lovely photo of one of our nannies who has now passed on but she really enjoyed her time on her computer , she done a lot of her Maori Womens Welfare league on her Computer she use to say she was so glad she done the course.
TERM 3 - We are underway with 2 classes of CIH - Ko Te Aroha - 5 , DPS - 8  and we also have a Stepping Up class going on a Friday morning.

This Terms graduation will be held at the National Launching of Adult Learners Week at the Mens Shed, Colombo Road Masterton.

ICDL(Jobseeker Kiwi skills) have started with 4 of us at this moment first time around as for myself i really enjoy doing this program because you can also do it at home or wherever you are and our Tutor for this program is Darren Poona.

Stepping Up program has been introduced to the Masterton Library which will be up and running in August and the criteria for this course will be they need to sign up at REAP first.

Up and coming schools on our list are St Teresa's(Fstn), Kuranui College, Opaki & Fernridge School
so looking forward for more new people.

These recent photo's were taking at our Whanau Day 17th May it was a really awesome day we set up 4 Laptops and our tutor Lisa done questions up for the children who had to answer them by going into this website also she put up 5 other educational websites which they were allowed to go into after they answered the quiz then i spoke to the parents about our CIH program plus Stepping Up besides ICDL (Kiwi Skills).