2016 nearly coming to a end. For Computers in Homes in the Wairarapa we have had a pretty topsy turvy sort of registrations in the last 4 terms numbers fluctuate but we still prod along.

TERM 1 - We graduated 11 people  TERM 2 - 32 people  TERM 3 - 8 people  TERM 4 - 7 people.

The 7 people in Term 4 will be graduating on 6th Dec held at Reap House. I look at it, it's all about working around the parents so they can attend the course even if it means i have to pick them up and take them home i don't mind thats all part an parcel of what we do .
Out of the 7 - 5 people have signed up for the internet 4 on UFB and 1 for NB also i have 1 who has come in from the Term 3 group to sign up on internet also .

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. Be safe wherever you go and whatever you do.

This beautiful lady Sonia reckons she was on to it with all the plug in connections it was part of what they had to do so when they uplift there computer to take home they know how to put it together.
 The lady to the right wasn't very sure about all the cords she reckons she had one to many cords until we asked her to turn it on then she realised.

The gentleman to the left was very confused about something he had to do so his partner beside him made him watch what she did cause he was training alongside her but he found it very interesting and sometimes confusing cause he not used to all this technology.


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