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Term 4 Graduation for the end of 2012 was pretty fantastic if I may say so myself, especially for our CIH graduates.  There was 18 graduating and also we had 13 for our Stepping Up program receiving their certificates. One person had completed 11 modules.
Also included in our graduation was an English Class which 8 of our CIH graduates took part in. Just also like to mention it was lovely to have our National MP John Hayes and our Mayor Garry Daniell present also. Our entertainment that night was our Thursday evening class our, lovely Dancing Samoans they were beautiful.
So next year we already have a big group doing the Stepping Up Program.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to everyone.


Term 4 Graduation with our Mayor Garry Daniell

We were very pleased to have our Mayor Garry Daniell                                                  to present our awards to Oka Lagolago.                                       I am not too sure whether our Mayor was doing a Pukana                                          or was he overwhelmed by Fale Lio doing a haka!                                          Looks like he was very pleased with what took place.
Well we are just about to the end of 2012 I have 2 classes graduating on the 13th December. There will be 18 receiving their certificates and 18 receiving computers plus we will be giving certificates out to our Stepping Up students who have done more than 4 modules. It has been a very challenging Term 4 and I would like to congratulate everyone for being there to do their mahi without me ringing them to see where they are.
We have a big challenge ahead for Lisa (tutor) and myself for 2013 when we head out to other schools we are targeting Masterton Primary, Douglas Park School and Chanel College if all goes well.
Our Rejuvenation Survey is going well we are on top all the way all 2010 - 2011 all done, on the last for 2011 -2012.

These 3 are from the Samoan group of 12 which are on a Thursday night they love having there photo's taken they are supposed to be doing a Computer Puzzle.   These 3 are very engrossed with what they are trying to learn. 
Now they are trying to figure out…
Okay here are some photo's from Term 3 classes 2012.

                                          Ben Fox studying real hard, thats why he is smiling.
                                           Hawea Karauria Paku concentrating real hard.
                                        Tania Kane trying to figure out why she has 2 power
                                                                 cords left over mm ?
                                         Our soldier boy George Hawkins trying to figure out
                                         what am I going to email the General about ?
                                         Our lovely mum who just had a baby 1st week after
                                         we started Learni Rapaea-Awhitu missed one class,
                                         back the next week with her baby.

                                          Yvonne Roberts one of our lovely nannies having
                                          fun trying to…

Term 3 Graduation

Okay its that time of the year again for our Term 3 graduates but also its going to be a special graduation. We have decided to have our graduation with another group called Adult Learners.
The reason being its Adult Learners Week so we have bought our graduation forward early to coincide with this group which I think they go hand in hand with one another. It is to be held at Frank Cody Lounge (Masterton Town Hall, Frank Cody Lounge) @ 6pm 20th September 2012.
Stepping Up programe is going well with 19 students some have done between 2 - 8 modules which is great as we only do one day a week which it suits a lot of the students.

Next term we will be starting a class for our Pacific Islanders and catch up classes for the Nanny Groups that is beside still carrying on with our Stepping Up Classes, our normal Computers in Homes classes will start back after January 2013.

The internet connections are slowly getting there, we have had 10 sign up on the new plan which makes it a lot easier fo…


Congratulations to all the participants that completed the Computers in Homes program last term. I  had lovely feedback from people and a big thanks goes out to my offsiders for all the setting up and everything.

Term 3 is underway starting off with our Stepping up Program then our normal CIH classes.
Everything is going well as it should be.

YEAH... Another Graduation!!!

Monday night (2 July) saw yet another fantastic graduation. It was a wonderful occasion where all of our graduates were presented with their graduation certificates by our Steering Group chairperson, Chris Peterson and the REAP Chairman, Jean McCombie. They also picked up their new computers and took them home afterwards.

Some photos from our recent graduation

Yay our first term done for 2012 they were very happy with what they have achieved now they are signed up for the next stage STEPPING UP Program.

The 2nd term also going well there is 24 this round and also with our STEPPING UP Program under way also which we have 16 on this . Also underway is our REJUVENATION SURVEY plus our Warrant Of Fitness for the computers, its full on this term thanks to one of my Computers In Homes Students who i have taken on board to help with the Surveys & WOF ( Tania Davidson ).
The graduation for this lot will be 2nd July @6pm @ Reap House - Rangitumau Room.

The 3rd term is looking to be a busy term also already 2 of our days are full which are Wednesday and Friday,Monday night is the only one available at this moment 6 - 8 30pm we can take 10 on this one
Congratulations to the 19 people that graduate tonight 26th April at REAP House.  Amongst this group we have some Nannies also who say they love what we are doing for their grandchildren and helping their parents with the new technology out there.

Also this week 27th April we start our 2nd group and they are a group of 8 nannies.The next lot start next Monday 30th April and Wed 2nd May all classes are full at this moment.

The 3rd week of this term we are starting the next programme called STEPPING UP. Contact Martha for more details of this programme.
Kia Ora Everyone,
I have 19 graduating this term 5 from Lakeview, 4 from Kura Kaupapa, 1 from Wahi Reka Kohanga Reo, 2 from Makoura, 6 from our Nanny Group and 1 from Ko Te Aroha.
Our Graduation will be on the 26th April at 6pm held at REAP House.

We are hoping to start our Stepping Up Programme also next term it will be a full on process which
Lisa Gray(tutor) and myself are looking forward to.

And Wendel as well...

Wendel Richardson has formally joined the team this year. As the Education Manager for Wairarapa REAP, Wendel has been involved in the background up until now, but she will replace Peter McNeur as the Project Manager from the beginning of the year. Peter will still have a background involvement as he refuses to move too far away from this wonderful work.

Classes Underway!

Martha has organised 3 classes for Term One and they are all underway. Two are at Ko Te Aroha and one at Lakeview. These are the only places where we can offer Windows 7 training.
Lisa is again our wonder tutor and we are all looking forward to seeing the progress of the students.
We are delighted to include some of our Kaumatua this term, who are grandparents to students from our key groups.

3 Classes

We have 3 classes going at this moment Monday evenings, Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings.
There are 7 per class which is being held at Ko Te Aroha which only holds 8 computers. I am hoping to start up our Stepping up programme has soon as I get back from holiday in a couple of weeks.

First class for 2012

Okay its that time again starting our first class this Friday 17th so Lisa and I are looking forward to some new challenges. We have a group of Kaumatua mixed in with some of our other parents, and at this moment we will be doing a day and night class.


We remember with affection Lance Hopping who died suddenly piloting a balloon in our region. Lance was a truancy officer in our region, and undertook this role with firmness but with kindness. He has worked positively with many families in our Eastside area, and they will remember him as someone who tried to support them and their children at school. We also remember all of the other 10 people, some of them local and others visitors to our wonderful region who also tragically lost their lives in the accident.