Yay our first term done for 2012 they were very happy with what they have achieved now they are signed up for the next stage STEPPING UP Program.

The 2nd term also going well there is 24 this round and also with our STEPPING UP Program under way also which we have 16 on this . Also underway is our REJUVENATION SURVEY plus our Warrant Of Fitness for the computers, its full on this term thanks to one of my Computers In Homes Students who i have taken on board to help with the Surveys & WOF ( Tania Davidson ).
The graduation for this lot will be 2nd July @6pm @ Reap House - Rangitumau Room.

The 3rd term is looking to be a busy term also already 2 of our days are full which are Wednesday and Friday,Monday night is the only one available at this moment 6 - 8 30pm we can take 10 on this one


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