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October 2013

20th October 2013

Kia ora everyone Term 3 finished on a high even though it was a small class of 5 but that was okay they all graduated which was held at Ko Te Aroha straight after their last class so they all received their computers and certificates now they want to move on to do Stepping Up.
We also had Adult Learners week before we finished which 5 of our Stepping Up people received their Stepping Up Certificates for the amount of modules they had done and a special award was given to one of my CIH ladies for the contribution she gave to her own Pacific Island Community by bringing them onboard to do the CIH program which has helped them out in  a lot of ways.

Term 2 2013

This is our end of Term 2 everything went really well. 2 Graduations one at Lakeview where we had 16 and the other one at our new School MPS (Masterton Primary School) where we had 10, so 25 received computers along with their USB's and Parent Packs and also I have had 16 sign up for the internet majority of them all on on Naked Broadband.
Our Stepping up program is also going well. We have put through 2 people for Adult Learners Award which also they will receive their Stepping Up Certificate. 2 people have done 11 Digital Steps which is cool considering one of them is a granddad and father didn't know what the heck he was doing he was quite scared by it when he started.
Our Tutor Lisa Gray has just done her diagnostics on Kiwi Skills now she just has the Test to do. Way to go Lisa.

Stepping Up still going so thats okay for now. By Term 4 hopefully we will have our other 2 new schools on board.

Term 2

Kia ora away we go again

Into TERM 2 we have got good numbers this term so its going to be quite interesting. We have parents from Lakeview (9) Ko Te Aroha (2) Wahi Reka Kohanga Reo (5) also our P I Group (5) and our new school Masterton Primary School (6). All classes are still done at Ko Te Aroha daycare centre. Our classes are Tuesday afternoon 12.30 - 3pm.  Thursday morning  9.30 - 12pm, Thursday evening 6 - 8.30pm , Friday morning 9.30 - 12pm that is not including our Stepping Up Program which is done on Tuesday evening 6 - 8.30pm , Wednesday afternoon 12.30 - 3pm and Thursday afternoon 12.30 - 3pm.

2013 END OF TERM 1

This term has been good for both classes CIH program and Stepping Up. The CIH classes from Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning along with the Stepping Up Program will graduate 18th April @ 6pm Lakeview School Library.We have 10 for CIH and 7 for Stepping Up.
It was a go slow at the start didn't think we were going to have a classes for CIH but we did which was very cool. We also visited 2 new schools MPS (Masterton Primary School) and DPS (Douglas Park School) and came out with good results. We are hoping to hear from MPS the first week we start back if not before then. We have have 2 lovely people who are doing themselves really well we have one who is going for her Early Chidhood Certificate and the one has learnt so much that its helping her with  her secretarial work for her Church.

New Classes

Just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

Its another New Year bring it on for 2013 and lets see what we are up to for Term 1.
Our Stepping Up classes has already started Tuesday Evening 6 - 8.30pm and Thursday afternoon 12.30 - 2.45pm 16 have registered.
We are hoping to start a CIH class this term.

Internet connections are going well at this moment we having a few hiccups but they are all getting seen to by my technician (myself lol).

We are visiting 3 new schools this year. They are Masterton Primary, Douglas Park
and Chanel College; but thats not forgetting our existing schools Ko Te Aroha, Makoura
College, Lakeview and Kura Kaupapa Maori O Wairarapa.

                                                           Term 4 Graduation 2012
                                                          Our beautiful CIH cake

                         Our lovely Samoan graduates performing after receiving their certificates.

Stepping Up

Okay we will start up a class of 6 people who will do Wednesday afternoon class 12.30 - 2.45pm on 27th Feb 2013 and on a Thursday morning we now have 7 people so at this moment we are looking good.


Well its that time again for 2013 so bring it on. For Term 1 we have already started our "Stepping Up" program Tuesday evenings 6 - 8.30pm and Thursday afternoon 12.30 - 2.45pm, still at Ko Te Aroha. I have got 16 registered for this program at the moment. At the end of last year I had one lady do 11 modules! We are hoping to start our normal CIH class this term.
Our internet connections are working well at this moment we have connected so many people which is really good.
Also this year we are visiting 3 new schools - Masterton Primary, Douglas Park and Chanel College not forgetting our existing schools.