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Stepping Up

Okay we will start up a class of 6 people who will do Wednesday afternoon class 12.30 - 2.45pm on 27th Feb 2013 and on a Thursday morning we now have 7 people so at this moment we are looking good.


Well its that time again for 2013 so bring it on. For Term 1 we have already started our "Stepping Up" program Tuesday evenings 6 - 8.30pm and Thursday afternoon 12.30 - 2.45pm, still at Ko Te Aroha. I have got 16 registered for this program at the moment. At the end of last year I had one lady do 11 modules! We are hoping to start our normal CIH class this term.
Our internet connections are working well at this moment we have connected so many people which is really good.
Also this year we are visiting 3 new schools - Masterton Primary, Douglas Park and Chanel College not forgetting our existing schools.