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Laurence Zwimpher Awarded NZ Order of Merit

Laurence Zwimpher, the man behind the Computer In Homes scheme was today awarded the NZ Order of Merit for his services to Information Technology.
Laurence has been involved in the 2020 Trust since its existence, and has been at the forefront of advancing peoples access to technology for many years. I worked with him in the mid 90's when he was ensuring that schools were understanding how the importance of being able to access the internet. Well done Laurence!

Internet access still a problem

Access to the internet is still a major problem for many residents and participants of the Computers In Homes programme. We are working on a range of solutions that we hope will be affordable.

Any questions about this, please contact Peter on 06 377 1379.

Term 2 Classes going very well!

Term two sees one class at Makoura College on Monday night, two classes at Ko Te Aroha and one at Lakeview School. Trainer Lisa Gray says "Its full on this term, but the students are doing really well."
CIH Coordinator Martha Manaena says "the day training facility at Ko Te Aroha has been a real bonus, and has ensured that a wide range of people have been able to participate in the programme."