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2013 END OF TERM 1

This term has been good for both classes CIH program and Stepping Up. The CIH classes from Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning along with the Stepping Up Program will graduate 18th April @ 6pm Lakeview School Library.We have 10 for CIH and 7 for Stepping Up.
It was a go slow at the start didn't think we were going to have a classes for CIH but we did which was very cool. We also visited 2 new schools MPS (Masterton Primary School) and DPS (Douglas Park School) and came out with good results. We are hoping to hear from MPS the first week we start back if not before then. We have have 2 lovely people who are doing themselves really well we have one who is going for her Early Chidhood Certificate and the one has learnt so much that its helping her with  her secretarial work for her Church.