Term 2 2013

This is our end of Term 2 everything went really well. 2 Graduations one at Lakeview where we had 16 and the other one at our new School MPS (Masterton Primary School) where we had 10, so 25 received computers along with their USB's and Parent Packs and also I have had 16 sign up for the internet majority of them all on on Naked Broadband.
Our Stepping up program is also going well. We have put through 2 people for Adult Learners Award which also they will receive their Stepping Up Certificate. 2 people have done 11 Digital Steps which is cool considering one of them is a granddad and father didn't know what the heck he was doing he was quite scared by it when he started.
Our Tutor Lisa Gray has just done her diagnostics on Kiwi Skills now she just has the Test to do. Way to go Lisa.

Stepping Up still going so thats okay for now. By Term 4 hopefully we will have our other 2 new schools on board.

She is trying to work out the computer puzzle which my Tutor does for them and its based on everything
they learn within the 8weeks and another parent at the back trying to figure out how to put a computer together.
These 2 lovely Ladies also trying to workout their spreadsheets and the Cut Copy and Paste.
The lovely gentleman has just worked out what his mouse can do besides the lady beside him
trying to figure out what she done  and whether its right or not. 


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