Well we are just about to the end of 2012 I have 2 classes graduating on the 13th December. There will be 18 receiving their certificates and 18 receiving computers plus we will be giving certificates out to our Stepping Up students who have done more than 4 modules. It has been a very challenging Term 4 and I would like to congratulate everyone for being there to do their mahi without me ringing them to see where they are.
We have a big challenge ahead for Lisa (tutor) and myself for 2013 when we head out to other schools we are targeting Masterton Primary, Douglas Park School and Chanel College if all goes well.
Our Rejuvenation Survey is going well we are on top all the way all 2010 - 2011 all done, on the last for 2011 -2012.

These 3 are from the Samoan group of 12 which are on a Thursday night they love having there photo's taken they are supposed to be doing a Computer Puzzle.  
These 3 are very engrossed with what they are trying to learn. 
Now they are trying to figure out what they have just done and how. 


This is the Tuesday afternoon group as usual hard out heads down and yes.

    The rest of the Thursday night group cheerful as usual.



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