Okay here are some photo's from Term 3 classes 2012.

                                          Ben Fox studying real hard, thats why he is smiling.
                                           Hawea Karauria Paku concentrating real hard.
                                        Tania Kane trying to figure out why she has 2 power
                                                                 cords left over mm ?
                                         Our soldier boy George Hawkins trying to figure out
                                         what am I going to email the General about ?
                                         Our lovely mum who just had a baby 1st week after
                                         we started Learni Rapaea-Awhitu missed one class,
                                         back the next week with her baby.

                                          Yvonne Roberts one of our lovely nannies having
                                          fun trying to put the computer together so she knows
                                          what she has to do when she receives her one.
                                          Susielle Blong staring at her screen as if to say oh no!
                                                                What have I done?
                                         Elizabeth Robens another nanny doing the match up
                                         computer word game and she is also looking like
                                         what the heck is all this.


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