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The Computers In Homes Project in the Wairarapa is well and truly up and running.

Wairarapa REAP has the responsibility to deliver to the Masterton and Pahiatua communities over the next few years.
Martha Manaena is the coordinator - (You will see her charming photo soon). Martha is being supported by Peter McNeur, Director of Wairarapa REAP (me). Martha and I will try and team tag on this blog site for a while.

We are very excited to have Computers In Homes operating in this region and see it having enormous benefits to our communities. We have undertaken to link this into other things that are happening here so that we will have multiple benefits.

Lastly, we are very grateful to the 2020 Communications Trust for this opportunity and to the wonderful Di Das for her support!


  1. Congratulations to all participants from Makoura College for a wonderful graduation last night. Well done to all parents and their whanau, and thenks to Martha, Peter, Lisa, Sandee, Tom and the whole community for your hard work and support.
    What a privilege to be part of the launch of Computers in Homes in the Wairarapa :)
    Di Das


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