TERM 2 - 2014

Okay Term 2 finished done and dusted beautifully with a lot of happy customers taking home their computers 1st graduation was done at Douglas Park School with their whanau, teachers and Principle and also they signed for up Stepping Up straight away.


This class is concentrating very hard on what they are learning from their lovely tutor Lisa Gray

This lovely gentleman doing the presentation of the certificate is the lovely Principle of Douglas Park School 

This lovely lady was very proud of herself of what she had learnt she did know quite a bit about how to use computers but she also new their was other things she needed to learn on safety, and how to control your children on the computer.

This lovely lady gave us the honour of her presence by doing our presentation for the 2nd graduation which was held at Lakeview School - Ikaroa - Rawhiti Labour MP Meka Whaitiri it was so awesome having her their.

She was quite amazed by what the program was all about and what it did by helping the whanau to learn about technology.

This is our set up for all Graduations we do besides the food.


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